40 Best Blogs for Classics Geeks

Antiquity continues to impact today's cultural, political, linguistic, artistic and philosophical climate, so it makes perfect sense that history buffs scramble to study the melange of civilizations that characterized the era. Digital archivists especially enjoy cataloging the past using technologies of the present — and future — and the internet provides them a conduit to sharing their work with like-minded professionals and students. Even beyond such challenging undertakings as translating and digitally converting ancient texts, Classics buffs can connect with one another through websites, forums and (of course) blogs and enthusiastically discuss influential peoples and times past. The following list features some of the most notable blogs that you can read to gain some valuable, eclectic perspectives. Do keep in mind that this article is not meant to establish any particular hierarchy in any entrants, nor should it be interpreted as comprehensive. Plenty of other excellent resources on the Classics exist out there that unfortunately did not end up here due to time and space restrictions.

  1. Classics Blog at Gustavus: Various posters weigh in on a number of different Classical topics, courtesy of Gustavus Adolphus College.

  2. Curculio: Classics fans with a particular affinity for studying the ancient Greeks would do well to bookmark this enlightening, intelligent, comprehensive read.

  3. Ancient World Bloggers Group: As its title states, the AWBG boasts a plethora of contributors offering up news and views on all things Classics and Antiquity.

  4. The Stoa Consortium: New technologies meet ancient history in this absolutely essential resource for digital Classicists worldwide. Hit up The Stoa Consortium for updates on relevant conferences and events, too.

  5. Blogs at eLatin eGreek eLearn: Featuring multiple writers, the blogs featured at eLatin eGreek eLearn dissect the linguistic and philosophical components of Classical studies.

  6. What's New in Papyrology: Anyone interested in studying papyri and ostraca should give this amazing site a visit for in-depth discussions of new findings and theories. Digital archivists will probably find a few entries relevant to their interests as well.

  7. A don's life: The Times and Cambridge professor Mary Beard writes some of the Internet's snappiest insights into the Classics and their intersections with modern times.

  8. Rogueclassicism: Rogueclassism predominantly focuses on ancient Greco-Roman history, and all the politics, religion, literature, art and culture that involves.

  9. History of the Ancient World: Browse the archives listed on the far right side of the page for the latest news, articles, videos, books and plenty more offerings to stimulate ardent Classicists.

  10. NT Blog: Dedicated to studying the New Testament's history and influence on the ancient Christians, this blog sheds light on a particularly controversial facet of antiquity, one who continues to influence today's world.

  11. Roger Pearse: The eponymous writer fills his blog with an eclectic assortment of Classical musings, Patristics and contemporary Christian issues.

  12. horothesia: Tom Elliott boasts some incredible content blending technology with ancient history, geography and epigraphy and provides some great reads for Classics fans.

  13. Mike Anderson's Ancient History Blog: One of the most interesting perks of regularly reading Mike Anderson's Ancient History Blog is the writer's painstaking efforts to tie the distant past in with the present.

  14. Electric Archeology: Though not explicitly about the Classics, this resource greatly appeals to those curious about intersections between history, archeology and technology.

  15. Current Epigraphy: Classics aficionados who enjoy studying inscriptions should check out the Current Epigraphy blog for all the latest news and announcements regarding Classical Latin and Greek.

  16. Bestiaria Latina Blog: Presented by BestLatin.net, Bestiaria Latina features plenty of content catering to fans of the ancient language — and its rich literary heritage.

  17. Ancient History Ramblings: Many recent postings deal with technology, making Scott Moore's wonderful blog a nice, well-rounded read for Classics and ancient history buffs.

  18. Bearded Roman: Bearded Roman does not focus on Classical art. Rather, it offers up some excellent writings on how the ancient aesthetic came to influence later artists and movements, most especially when it comes to painting.

  19. Chronicon: History fans wanting to learn more about ancient Christianity — particularly documents currently receiving their first translations from the original Greek and Latin –  will find plenty of intellectually stimulating content here.

  20. Objects-Building-Situations: Kostis Kourelis waxes philosophical on the history, art and architecture of the Mediterranean. It may not necessarily focus exclusively on the Classical era, but still features some excellent reading all the same.

  21. the Campvs: Bryn Mawr College students and alumni have fun with Classical content and poetry, providing approachable postings from a few different perspectives.

  22. Blogging Pompeii: Even those who never studied Classics still know about Pompeii, and this amazing resource compiles valuable archaeological research for novices and professionals alike.

  23. AWOL — The Ancient World Online: Everything Classicists need to know about ancient history can be found right here on this unquestionably essential blog.

  24. N.S. Gill's Ancient History Blog: About.com's official portal for ancient and Classical history appeals to both newcomers and more seasoned professionals looking for quick, accessible research.

  25. Google Ancient Places: Digital humanities, archeology and Classics converge into a one-stop shop providing valuable geological context for lessons in and out of the classroom.

  26. Roman Times: Step back into ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and other influential civilizations through one of the Internet's most engrossing resources on Classical history and culture. Relax with the ancient art jigsaw puzzle sitting on the bottom of the blog!

  27. Welcome to the miserable world of PROMETHEUS…: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Mark Weinstein posts a funny, occasionally dark comic to his blog. Classical Greek religion buffs will get plenty of chuckles at the relevant gags, especially those pertaining to the poor, tormented titular hero.

  28. The New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: Carrying on from his original blog, Bill Caraher keeps visitors informed about some seriously cool architectural constructs and trends from Classical Mediterranean civilizations — among other relevant subjects, of course.

  29. Bryn Mawr Classical Review: Hook up with the eponymous university's Classics department for quick reviews on their latest articles and reviews relating to archaeology and more.

  30. A Blog About History: Not every posting here relates directly back to the Classical era, but this excellent resource does an excellent job of illustrating interconnectivity between peoples and events from across time and space.

  31. Travelling with Demetrios of Skepsis: Alexandra Trachsel does not update her blog as frequently as some of the others here, but she pulls from her education and passion for Hellenic studies to offer up some seriously cool reading.

  32. Love of History Blog: Along with Greek and Roman history, this blog also delves into other ancient and modern peoples, events and places.

  33. Gary Corby: Classics fans who enjoy picking up historical fiction may be curious about the adventures of some Athenian youth, some of whom sound just a little bit familiar.

  34. APA News: Check APA News a couple times a month for the latest dispatches from the American Philological Association — an organization every Greek and Latin buff should know.

  35. Ancient World Open Bibliographies: Both Phoebe Acheson at University of Georgia Libraries and Chuck Jones at the Institute for Study of the Ancient World collect relevant bibliographies — annotated or otherwise — to assist Classics students and professionals in their research.

  36. Rome — The Imperial Fora: Stay on top of archaeological findings from all over the ancient Roman Empire, related in several different languages.

  37. Bread and Circuses: Check out Adrian Murdoch's blog for some interesting perspectives on the later years of the ancient Roman hegemony.

  38. CHS Fellowships: The fellows at the Center for Hellenic Studies write about anything and everything related to Greek history, language and culture.

  39. The Way of the Fathers: Anyone studying early Christian history — most especially the individuals involved in its organization — should stop by The Way of the Fathers for insightful reading.

  40. West Coast Odysseus: Nathan Bauman waxes philosophical on the Classics, politics, culture and Canada on his always engaging blog.

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